Afghan relocation: How 95,000 former Taliban regime employees will be situated in the US this fiscal year


The Biden administration plans to exempt some Taliban-era Afghan civil servants from US terror-related entry restrictions.

President Biden has recently increased the refugee cap from 62,500 back in May to 125,000 for FY 2022, at the same time beginning introducing an estimated 95,000 Afghan refugees outside of that cap to enter the United States this fiscal year.

Under the Trump Administration, the yearly cap was reduced to 15,000, showing a complete pendulum swing between administrations.

The Biden Administration attempted to justify their actions of planning to allow 95,000 former Taliban employees into the United States by stating, “Some used their positions in humanitarian capacities to mitigate the repressive actions of the Taliban regime, often at great personal risk.” 

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Across the country, states are scrambling to prepare supplies and translators for the anticipated first wave of 37,000 Afghan refugees. California plans to welcome the most refugees at more than 5,200 people, while Alabama and Mississippi will only take 10.

With concern around public safety and the rise of terroristic threats due to increased refugees, the Biden Administration quickly defended its “multi-layered” vetting and screening processes. Still, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee urged the DHS Office of Inspectors General to investigate such processes given the number of refugees.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorka continued to double down on the security of the vetting and screening process, ensuring it is safe. Without commenting on allowing or not allowing investigation from OIG.

The OIG was not able to confirm or deny if an investigation was underway. We only speculate on how extensive such processes are and how many refugees we will see going to specifically “blue” states. 


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