Thomas Jefferson statue to be removed from New York City Hall


Democrats continue to rewrite history as they vote to have the Thomas Jefferson statue be removed in City Hall today


The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously on Monday to remove the 188-year-old statue of Thomas Jefferson from the City Council chambers in City Hall.

Mayor De Blasio decided to form his opinion on the matter as stating his views on Jefferson are “complex.”

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“The thing that is so troubling to people is that even someone who understood so deeply the values of freedom and human dignity and the value of each life was still a slave owner,” he said. “And I understand why that profoundly bothers people.”

Whereas New York mayoral candidate  Eric Adams also showed support for the removal of the statue. Stating, “There are several appropriate figures to honor in our seat of government who are more directly meaningful to our people and are more reflective of our city’s history than Thomas Jefferson.”

Not everyone was in support of removing the statue, thankfully. With New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa stating, “Do we suddenly wipe out the images, the markings, the names of all those great patriots because they were slaveholders and slaveholding was quite common at that time?”

Along with Harvard Law School Professor Annette Gordon-Reed, “This represents a lumping together of the Confederates and a member of the founding generation in a way which I think minimizes the crimes and problems with the Confederacy,” Ms. Gordon-Reed said. 

Thankfully, Mt Rushmore is not in Manhattan. With Theodore Roosevelt being removed later this year from the Museum of Natural History, there is no telling how many of the faces would have been removed.


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