Antifa attacks! Protest turns violent as police in riot gear respond to Boston Protest


A protest organized against mask and vaccine mandates turned violent as Boston Antifa showed up.


The protest began at noon Sunday, organized by the “Super Happy Fun America” organization, to gather at the Boston Common to protest mask and vaccine mandates.

Multiple Antifa organizations such as “Green Monster Anita”  and “Solidarity Against Hate – Boston” showed up to the event to “Tell the Capitol Rioters to Get Out of Boston.”


Shoving matches broke out as the two groups held dueling protests amid a heavy police presence.

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The terrorist group Antifa showed up in mass to oppose the peaceful vaccine and COVID-19 mandate. Antifa became violent, pushing against metal barriers erected by police.

Elizabeth Birdsall, a member of Antifa, held a sign reading “No Hate in Boston.” Elizabeth told reporters that the mandates protesters were making Boston “less safe and less equal.”

Antifa did not show much promise to making Boston “more safe and more equal” as members of the group opposing mask and vaccine mandates spoke. Antifa rioters blared loud music and even used instruments to drown out the noise.

The irony came as the “counterprotesters” were flying USSR flags with the iconography of Stalin, Mao, and Marx.

Reporters noted that an individual was arrested after counter-protestors brought in a damaged van. 

Boston Police Officer Stephen McNulty told reporters that there were “2 arrested after opposing sides clashed at today’s scheduled event and planned counter-protest on the Boston Common. BPD assets included officers in protective equipment….” 


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