$1T infrastructure deal passes along with $1.75T spending bill


The Biden administration brought in a multi-trillion dollar net spending this year after Biden signed into law a bipartisan infrastructure package on Monday


The infrastructure bill (IB), priced at $1.2 trillion, was signed with the “goal” to tackle nearly every facet of American infrastructure, including public transportation, roads, bridges, ports, railways, power grids, broadband internet, as well as water and sewage systems.

The package also includes $550 billion in “new spending” meant to repair and enhance the country’s beleaguered infrastructure.

Sadly, the IB and Build Back Better Act pose more sinister tones once the bills are explored.

This Simple Trick Empties Your Bowels Immediately

Tucked away on page 1,647 of the Build Back better Act, the Democrats’ social spending package, is a provision that would repeal the Social Security number requirement to obtain child tax credits. 

The removal o the Social Security number would expand child tax credits to parents of illegal immigrants who don’t have Social Security numbers.


Newt Gingrich had some other things to add regarding the spending agenda. Stating that “food is increasing, gas is increasing. There is nothing in this bill that is going to have the cost of things go down. Biden can have nice words, but there is no action.”

Gingrich then focused on the necessary measures of reform before throwing money at something, stating, “The fact is when you give 50billion to amtrac with no reform all you are doing is just throwing money into a system that needs to be modernized, and there is no pressure in the bill to do it. When you through billions into NYC, there is going to build the most expensive structures in history.” But it won’t lead to better infrastructure.

Additionally, to add insult to injury, Steven Camarota, a Center for Immigration Studies researcher, estimated that eliminating the requirement could result in up to $2.3 billion in additional child tax credit payouts to illegal immigrants.

In addition to dropping the SSN requirement, receipt of payments for illegal immigrants is more accessible because reconciliation also eliminates the work requirement for next year.

While Americans scour through the faults of the bill, Biden continues to sell his IB plan. He intends to go to New Hampshire on Tuesday to visit a bridge on the state’s “red list” for repair, and he will go to Detroit on Wednesday for a stop at General Motors’ electric vehicle assembly plant, while other officials also fan out across the country. 

The more we uncover the complexity of the spending bill  infrastructure bill, I believe we will see more loopholes that disadvantage Americans n force us to pay for non-Americans


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