Biden and Xi warn each other over the future of Taiwan


“Right now, both China and the United States are at critical stages of development, and humanity lives in a global village, and we face multiple challenges together,” Xi said.


President Biden was scheduled to hold a face-to-face summit with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Monday. The meeting via video was one of the most significant U.S-China talks that Biden held since he took office.

According to the White House readout on the summit, Biden “underscored the importance of managing strategic risks” with China, and “he noted the need for common-sense guardrails to ensure that competition does not veer into conflict and to keep lines of communication open.”

Both Biden and Xi spoke of clear communication as the key to long-term diplomatic relations. 

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Republicans have also accused the Biden administration of failing to hold Beijing accountable on human rights for the sake of pursuing its climate agenda.


During the discussion with both leaders, Xi blamed the tensions on Taiwan seeking U.S. support to achieve independence and some on the American side using Taiwan to contain China. Xi was quoted as, “Such moves are extremely dangerous, just like playing with fire. Whoever plays with fire will get burnt.”

Jake Sullivan, White House national security advisor, said Biden reminded Xi that he voted as a senator for the Taiwan Relations Act that went into effect in 1979, legislation that shapes the parameters of the U.S. -Taiwan relationship. 

Although, Chinese military forces held exercises last week near Taiwan in response to a visit by a U.S congressional delegation to the island.

Chinese foreign affairs analyst Victor Gao stated, “China and the U.S need to get along with each other – for their own benefits and world peace and stability as a whole.”

The leaders appeared to put aside the language of acrimony in their first formal meeting since Biden took office. Xi greeted the U.S leader as his “old friend,” and Chinese Foreign Ministry (CFM) spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the exchange was candid and constructive.

Zhao was quoted, “If China-U.S relations cannot return to the past, they should face the future.” calling the meeting “conducive to increasing positive expectations… for U.S-China relations.”

The Biden administration official would not say whether China’s recent hypersonic missile test was discussed during the call.


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