Biden White House claims CBO doesn’t know enough to weigh in on the aspect of Build Back Better agenda


Andrew Bates accused CBO of not having enough ‘experience’ to weigh in on Biden’s Build Back “Broke” agenda.


White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates claimed while speaking o a gaggle of reporters during an Air Force One flight to Rochester, New Hampshire. Stating, “The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) doesn’t have the experience to weigh in on the president’s Build Back Better agenda.”

On Tuesday, the president traveled to New Hampshire to promote his Build Back Better agenda after he signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law a day prior.

Bates was quoted saying, “The CBO does not have experience analyzing revenue amounts gained from tracking down wealthy tax cheats who are taking advantage of every honest taxpayer.”

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Bates continued his attack on CBO, stating, “last night, reporters directly asked key Democratic House members – whose views run the gambit, including moderates, liberals, folks in between, they universally said this was not an issue at all.”

The RNC Research Twitter team did not hold back on Bate’s comments.

Bates also said that the “CBO fiscal data so far lines up” with the White House’s estimates.

The CBO is a non-partisan body that impartially studies the economic impact of legislation proposed to Congress and assigns bills a score.

Bates quickly defended his statements online after he ignited a hellstorm on Twitter attacking the CBO, posting his tweets and retweeting accounts supporting his claim.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki took shots at the previous administration regarding a “walk away” from a CBO score. 

“Watching Mullaney try to walk away from CBO score and explain budget outline is awkward and uncomfortable to watch,” Psaki tweeted in 2017.

The Left double-downed as well with Jesse Lee, who stated, “We will be in court to force the Administration to disclose their deliberations on undermining/ eliminating the CBO.” 

The more times the democrats get cornered, and their terrible legislation is shown from a non-partisan perspective, they have to find every way they can try and discredit them.


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